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“We specialize in providing treatments that are true game-changers for the many patients that suffer moderate-to-severe depression, and treatment-resistant mental health issues (depression, anxiety, OCD & PTSD). Real-world studies of TMS, ketamine infusions, and Spravato consistently show that over half of all patients with moderate to severe depression will enjoy clinically significant improvements in their symptoms. We create breakthroughs in quality of life by combining these innovative treatments with lifestyle medicine to address the mind-body connection. I believe that addressing the whole person is essential to lasting results.” 
Dr. Karen Giles, Founder
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Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions

Interventional Psychiatry in Sandy Springs, GA

Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions in Sandy Springs, Georgia, was co-founded by psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Giles, and business leader, Jim Benjamin, to offer Georgians effective, innovative, and compassionate mental health treatment options. The clinic emerged during the COVID pandemic to help nearly half of all patients with depression who do not improve with traditional antidepressant medications.  

Experienced psychiatrist Karen Giles, MD, delivers expert diagnosis and care to people with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She developed a particular interest in treatment-resistant depression while training at Emory.

Dr. Giles collaborates with her patients by taking an extensive health history and then helping them explore various comprehensive options for treatment based on each patient’s individual goals, preferences, and previous experiences. When an acute treatment course is recommended, Dr. Giles checks in with patients frequently (often several times per week) while undergoing such vital therapies. Dr. Giles is also available to provide second opinions and consultations upon referral for patients under the care of psychiatrists, therapists, and other physicians in the community.  

Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions prides itself in providing personalized, high-quality treatments that are not widely available, including both transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Spravato, and IV ketamine. They plan to provide psychedelic treatments like MDMA and psilocybin as soon as they receive FDA approval. 

Dr. Giles travels several times a year to conferences and serves on professional committees in order to stay updated on the newest treatments and data available for depression and anxiety disorders. 

As a member of the Emory Healthcare Network, Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions physicians can directly access the health records of Emory patients, ensuring better continuity of care. We accept most of the major insurance providers in the area for your convenience. 

Visitors to the practice can enjoy a relaxing, calm experience with valet parking, easy check-in, and complimentary hot and cold beverages. Each treatment room has luxury recliners with custom sound experiences, soft blankets, and eye masks for optimal comfort.  

For more details of the exceptional services available, call Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions or request an appointment online today.

If you do not see your provider or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office!
"Dr. Giles treated me for depression, anxiety, and ADHD for 3 years, and I could not recommend her more. She was knowledgeable with current evidence based treatments, while also providing humanistic care, where I could appreciate that she cared about what was going on in my life. She was consistently willing to work together as a team to address my health concerns. I am especially thankful that she encouraged me to have a philosophy to be kind and patient with myself, a practice I would think is not always standard of care when you look for a psychiatrist."
- RL
"I have been a patient of Dr. Karen Giles since she was a member of the Emory support psychiatric services at the Winship Cancer Center. Dr. Giles combines many attributes which make her an exceptional physician. She is well-trained in both clinical and research areas. Combined with that background, she is compassionate, kind, conscientious, non-judgmental, and a patient advocate.    Dr. Giles searches for resources that will augment the medical treatments she prescribes. My experience has been that she actively solicits input from her patients, so that there is mutual understanding of the movement toward recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Karen Giles."
- S.H.W.
"I met Dr. Giles when I was at a very low point in my life. She was approachable and open-minded, and it was clear that she was genuinely invested in helping me get to a better mental place. Today I am the happiest and most productive I have ever been, and I credit much of that to the work Dr. Giles and I did together."
- Liz M.
“I am so happy to be able to continue receiving care from Dr. Giles in her new practice. I have been her patient through the Emory Women's Mental Health program over the last year. She is a great listener and has such a kind and caring manner. As an Emory employee, I am thrilled that Dr. Giles will still be part of the Emory Healthcare network.”
- M.R.
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Sandy Springs

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