Neuro Navigation


Neuro Navigation services offered in Sandy Springs and Atlanta Metro, GA

Neuro Navigation is the latest technology in supporting treatment resistant mental health disorders. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Accelerated TMS are safe, noninvasive therapies that help patients with several treatment resistant disorders. Traditionally, these treatments require precise, time-consuming measurements of the skull to accurately align a magnetic coil to the right areas of the brain. Experienced psychiatrist Karen Giles, MD, MS, at Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is now using Neuro Navigation to use MRI images of the brain in-office for time-saving and high-precision alignment. To learn how TMS with Neuro Navigation could benefit you, call Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions today or book an appointment online.

How does transcranial magnetic stimulation work?

During depression, the brain is not operating at full capacity in the areas responsible for emotional regulation. Signals along the neural pathways that would normally regulate moods and emotions do not work properly when a person is depressed.

TMS is non-invasive and works by sending short magnetic pulses to the areas of the brain affected by depression – stimulating and activating neural pathways to restore the emotional control center.

Traditionally, this is done by aligning a specialized coil with specific areas of your brain. Dr. Giles takes careful and precise measurements of your skull to determine where to place the coil. Now, with the latest technology, Neuro Navigation, Dr. Giles is able to use MRI scans of your brain in-office to personalize the precision of coil alignment.

Breakthru uses the Localite TMS Neuro Navigation system; this is the same system used at Sanford University in the SAINT protocol. 


How Does Neuro Navigation Work?

Neuro Navigation allows Dr. Giles to use each patient's unique MRI data set for very precise, individualized coil positioning – targeting the exact treatment spot with real-time navigation.

This technology allows for personalized coil positioning as well as consistent and easily repeatable coil positioning at each visit.

To find out more about Neuro Navigation and transcranial magnetic stimulation and how it could help relieve your mental health condition, call Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions today or request an appointment online.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is TMS covered by insurance?

Traditional TMS (a 9-week protocol) is FDA approved and covered by insurance. Accelerated TMS is not currently approved by insurance

What are common side effects of TMS?

TMS is non-invasive and the most common side effect is a slight headache after treatment.

Can I receive accelerated TMS treatment in conjunction with IV ketamine or Spravato?

TMS can be paired with IV ketamine or Spravato, if Dr. Giles thinks the patient's symptoms warrant it.

How long am I in the clinic?

Traditional TMS treatments are typically 20 minutes/session. Accelerated TMS treatments are 3.5 hours/session. Learn more about these differences here.

Can I drive home afterwards?


Is somebody with me for the entirety of the treatment?

Our clinical staff observes and supports our patients 100% of the time during treatments. Unlike some treatment facilities, a physician is onsite and available at all times during treatment.